“The second exam measures not only the ethical content of the practitioner but everything a management professional needs to know to manage a collection of investments in their portfolio.”

Jack Cohen, CRI, CMB, President and CEO of Cohen Financial

The Charter examination is the second step toward earning your CRI Charter and demonstrating your commitment to ethics-based competency in commercial real estate.

Charter Fast Facts:

  • The Exam is 125 multiple-choice questions
  • The Exam focuses on the concepts of real estate portfolio management
  • Each candidate has two opportunities to pass the exam within an 18-month period for only one exam fee
  • Charter Exam Cost is $795

Take the Charter Exam

The CRI Charter Candidate Guide provides a candidate a focused direction in preparing to sit for the Charter exam. The Mortgage Bankers’ Association (MBAA) has created an optional study guide specifically geared towards Charter candidates. View all Charter resources.

A brief summary of the test components include:

  • 23% Capital Market Instruments (fixed income securities, equities, hybrid instruments)
  • 25% Real Estate Asset Management at the Property Level (maximizing value for equity and debt investors)
  • 29% Real Estate Asset Management at the Portfolio Level (asset liability management, capital structure, etc.)
  • 23% Management of Asset Classes (asset classes and markets, allocation, derivatives, benchmarking)

Additionally, Ethical Conduct questions are interwoven through approximately 31% of the CRI Charter questions.

Apply for the Charter Exam

If you are interested in becoming a Candidate for the CRI Certification and have additional questions, let us know.