Other Considerations

Ethical Professional Conduct

The CRI Charter Certification Program requires disclosure of ethical professional conduct initially by a CRI Candidate and annually by a CRI Charter holder. This act of ethical professional conduct exposes the candidate and Charter holder to a much higher standard of civil and criminal penalty for non-fiduciary acts. The CFA Charter, CFP Charter, CAI Certificate, MAI and CPM programs have similar ethical professional conduct requirements. However, many other existing programs and designations do not examine a designees’ ethical professional conduct or require annual re-certification of his or her continued ethical professional conduct.

No Trade Association Affiliation

The CRI Society is a certifying agency and it complies with psychometrically-valid standards to certify competency and ethical professional conduct by awarding its “certification”, the CRI Charter. Trade associations (which include the Mortgage Bankers Association, Appraisal Institute, CCIM Institute, Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers, Councilors of Real Estate and CMSA, among others) do not offer psychometrically-valid certifications. Rather, these trade associations can only offer a “designation”. Designations offered by trade associations, or by affiliates thereof, generally have a goal of supporting the trade associations’ mission. The CRI Society’s goal, however, is strictly for the public good: to certify Charter holders as fiduciary participants in the global real estate investment decision-making, implementation, and advisory industries.