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Expansive Curriculum

The CRI® Society’s expansive curriculum covers in detail the major components of the commercial real estate industry, making it a “foundation” certification for dedicated professionals.

Consider the below comparison on the breadth and depth of the CRI® curriculum relative to other programs.

Please note, however, that the below chart uses the CRI® curriculum as the baseline for comparison. The comparable programs may include content that is outside the scope of the CRI® curriculum. Compare the CRI® curriculum with that of complementary programs such as the CCIM®, the CMB®, and the CFA®.




Over all levels & electives of each designation*

Property Level

MBS Concepts / Underwriting
Appraisal Techniques
Business / Ownership Structures
Bankruptcy Issues
Mortgage Finance
Mortgage Instruments
Mortgage / Contract Analysis
Leasing / Contract Analysis
Sale Leasebacks
Law / Legal Instruments
Taxation / Accounting
Environmental / Zoning
Investment Performance (IRR, NPV, etc.)
Legal Issues / Rights
Investment Analysis
User / Owner Decision Analysis
Market Analysis
Financial Analysis

Portfolio Level

Regulatory Issues
Asset Allocation
Servicing Debt Securities & CMBS
Risk Management
Managing Capital Structures
Measuring Investment Performance
Fixed Income, Equities, and Derivatives
Ethical Conduct

* CRI: Levels 1 & 2    |    CCIM: Core & Electives    |    CFA: Levels 1, 2, &3    |    CMB: SOMB 1, 2, & 3

Certification Comparison

Compare the time commitments between the CFA and CRI Certification.

Time Commitments

Compare the time commitments between the CFA and CRI Certification.

Other Considerations

Learn more about the other considerations between the CFA and CRI Certification.