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What is a CRI Associate?


The CRI Certification is a forward-thinking initiative that seeks to give the public confidence in the professionals and fiduciaries within the commercial real estate industry. Until now, neither individual nor institutional investors had a universally accepted criteria to identify professionals that possessed the combination of knowledge, practical experience, education and ethical standards necessary to lead, transact, and advise.

Fiduciary Participant

A fiduciary participant is a service professional who:

The CRI Society awards a CRI Associate a limited revocable right to use the CRI Charter or CRI Associate designation.


Message Board

As an existing member, you can log in and connect with other Associates. Create your own virtual study group and together, members can discuss tips and tricks in preparation for your CRI Designation.

About CRI Designations

Learn more about the CRI Designations, the all the benefits it has to offer.

CRI Charterholders & Associates

Consider joining our ranks and view our current CRI Charter Holders.

Board of Governors

Learn more about the CRI Society and our Board Members leading the organization.